I do things a little different than most.  I don't want to sell you packages of poses that you may or may not use. I don't charge you by the hour, count how many frames I shot or how many times you changed your clothes.  I set aside a morning or afternoon or evening or all day and shoot until you tell me ENUF CRAZY WOMAN!! I will do just about anything, mud runs, burn outs, animals, sports, hunting, etc. but if you want a pic from way up high, I will let you do the climbing and I will stand on the ground and shoot from there.  I HATE HEIGHTS!!! Look thru my gallary! If you want stuffy, posed, duplicates of others you have seen done, DON'T CALL ME!  If you want your pictures to reflect your personality and be different than you expected....LETS HAVE SOME FUN!  It's really that simple! After all, shouldn't this be FUN for you!?                                                                                                                              Tonya   aka the Crazy Camera Lady!

It all really got started as a business when my husband was in a wedding and I knew only the groom.  I overheard the photographer tell the mother of the groom to have them hurry up and cut the cake so he could leave as he was already "over the time they hired him for!" I couldn't believe my ears! They had just gotten to the reception! I sent someone down to the closest store to buy all of the film they could find and another battery for my little point and shoot camera.  I took all of the reception pictures as the hired photographer was long gone.   I bagged up the film and handed it to her as we said goodbye and said..."this is for you.  I hope there are some good ones in there!" A few weeks later, she showed me her album.  Almost all of the pictures they had printed were mine.  Even some I had taken over the shoulder of the professional photographer before and during the ceremony.  I was flattered and they insisted that I needed to make this a business. So the wheels started to turn. Could I do this? Would I WANT to do this? It soon became clear to me I had to give it a shot! We had to name it after our fur baby Dixie.  She watches from the rainbow bridge now! 


Howdy Y'all!

Photography is more than a business, more than a hobby and more than just a side gig.  Photography is therapy for me! I started by taking pictures of our new puppy, (RIP Dixie), landscapes, vacations, etc.  I just enjoyed taking pictures.  This was before digital and I made the film companies and the people who developed my pictures very wealthy! I am so thankful for digital format!