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Amy Schultz‎ Maid of Honor· I just have to share my thoughts. You were amazing this weekend! I have never seen a more friendly, cheerful or involved photographer in my life. You were amazing!!! And thank you so much for doing the macarena with me!!! It was a blast!!

Suzanne Decelle – 5 star Very good at what she does We had her do our wedding, family and engagement pictures... turned out great!

Michele Schindler – 5 star You did an amazing job. Thank you so much!
Donna Lee Lowe – 5 star Tonya took pictures at my retirement party and did an amazing job!! Everyone got involved in having their picture taken - even those who are usually camera-shy! She was professional and personable. Guests have told me that the photo booth was their favorite part of the party! Thank you, Tonya! It was great!