You are in control of your shoot!
I welcome your ideas, props, pets, locations, etc I can help with those too if you wish. 

Do you know how hard it is to find photographers that will shoot PETS?! I love animals and think they are part of the family and deserve to be included!

I don't hold you hostage with a time clock.  We shoot until we are done, weddings included!
Once you hire me, I'm yours for that day and will not rush you thru so I can go to another appointment.  This is nice when working with kids.  Sometimes they need a break!

You don't have to buy package prints. I put your images on a usb drive and give you full permission to print what you want! These are your pictures.  Upload, print, share, its all up to you!

I am game for anything! Mud runnin, trash the dress, etc. My only limit is heights! You can climb but I'm stayin on the ground! I'm a lot of fun! I enjoy people and have a very outgoing personality.  I will do whatever it takes to get people to smile and relax!  Hence the nickname Crazy Camera Lady!

I have backup equipment! I have 2 cameras, 3 lenses and tons of memory cards and batteries. I also pack water, doggie bones, candy, and other treats to keep everyone content. NOT responsible for gum in hair or  or sticky faces, but I will have wet wipes!  I try to be 110% prepared for whatever could possibly happen!

If you want cookie cutter standard pictures DO NOT CALL ME!   If I have not scared you off yet and you want to have fun and capture some memories.. CALL ME!